St Andrew's School

Launch Day for St Andrew's School in February 2016 was full of excitement, the children were honoured and thrilled to have such a great opportunity to read and act out stories. This of course has never been done before at the school, therefore, the first thing the children asked was "will this programme continue?" This is one of the reasons we are determined to continue our mission and educate children especially girls who are rarely given opportunities to learn.

Our Literacy Programme Manager explained that the books donated were available to borrow for free, and that they are expected to look after the books and return them in 2 weeks. Incentives that have been in place for the last 5 months to keep books in good condition is a an entry to a story challenge, where children get to retell their favourite story with the freedom to introduce new characters and story plots. This was held last week 14th July 2016 and was a hit, it was much enjoyed by the children. Five winners were awarded some new pencil cases and note books.

The children are separated into 4 groups. Year 4 is split into two groups and Year 5 respectively. Between the groups 4 children aged 11 are unable to read. One orphan girls heartwarming story is that she had never been to school until one day, when she was lucky enough to be adopted at the age of 11. The school did not know where to place her because of her age and inability to read, she was nearly expelled as the school could not manage to teach her how to read because there were no books to help her to learn how to read. Lucky for her the Love Books Project could not have been established at a better time. Our Literacy Programme Manager insisted that she remain at the school and that she would be taught through our project. Today I am happy to confirm that this young girl is thriving and has a thirst for knowledge. However, she is still learning phonetically but our team will ensure that she succeeds at raising her reading level.