Cook 4 Books is a series of recipe books containing dozens of delicious plant-based recipes submitted by the vegan community who support our cause.

The book also includes tips about wellness and mindfulness as well as how to improve children's eating habits.

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Recipe Contributors

Before Ahoefa started her vegan lifestyle journey, she was a pescatarian for health reasons however her body was not properly digesting animal products so with the support of her family she stopped eating all meat. 

Her journey started after reading an article about farm raised salmon and other sea creatures. Immediately after she finished reading the article, Ahoefa knew that she had to stop contributing to animals cruelty as a consumer. Her goal is to show and teach others that a vegan diet does not require special skills and If she can stand up for change, you can too.

Sarah began her vegan journey in 2012 after she discovered a lump in her breast. While she was waiting for her breast scan appointment, she started to reflect on her diet for the first time. 

At this point she had been vegetarian on and off for 15 years but never considered going vegan. After learning about all the negative effects of dairy products on the human body, she finally made the decision to switch to an all plant based diet. 

Fortunately her lump turned out to be a harmless cyst but it was a nice reminder that health can't be taken for granted. Around the same time, Sarah's parents started their project to run an animal sanctuary for livestock. They were also vegetarian and considering going vegan together with Sarah.  

To close the circle, her husband stopped eating meat and dairy too after watching some documentaries about the animal industry. Together they are now raising a vegan toddler.

For Sarah it is important to provide her daughter with the best possible food and she loves creating delicious recipes for the whole family.

Lehya is a stay at home mother of two young boys.  She started her plant based journey with her husband in 2012 when her oldest son was being plagued by intestinal and digestive problems. They visited many doctors and  even made some visits to the emergency room because of their son's stomach issues. They found no help beyond prescription drugs and over the counter medication. However, with much research, they came across information on a whole foods plant based diet. It was apparent that they had nothing to lose and gave it a shot. 

The diet went so well they never looked back and in the coming years, Lehya’s parents went plant based after her father nearly lost his life due to a heart attack from a clogged artery. To this day her dad has made an amazing recovery and is continuing to heal his body using food as medicine. 

For her and her family, veganism started as a means to heal and gain optimal health. Through their journey the meaning of veganism has grown exponentially which has resulted in positive changes in other aspects of their lives.  

The expectation going in was improved health, what they didn’t know would also happen was that the compassion inside of them would be awakened like never before. That their concern for the planet and all life on it would become so powerful it would not only help but also guide them along their journey. Lehya has dedicated herself to creating healthy plant based meals in the hopes that her recipes will spread compassion through tasty food and help others heal along the way.

Larice is the writer and recipe creator behind Feeding Your Beauty, a blog featuring simple and nutritious plant-based dishes and desserts. Her recipes are regularly featured on the websites One Green Planet, and Our Green Nation, and can also be found in the Vegan Friends Cookbook. 

In addition to cooking, photography, and writing, Larice is a stay at home mom to her young daughter, and is a Certified Recreational Therapist. She was motivated in 2009 to reduce (and eventually eliminate) her consumption of animal products after reading the book The Kind Diet, and watching several documentaries revealing the horrors of factory farming.  After the birth of her daughter, she cut out all dairy once and for all. She not only felt better eating a real-food, plant based diet, but her years-long struggle with persistent and cyclical acne finally ended. 

Larice is passionate about sharing the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle, and helping others look and feel their best, naturally. Larice’s philosophy is simple, to create beautiful food that is as delicious as it is nourishing, while being kind to the earth and the rest of its occupants. 

Jimi is a man who loves vegetation and vibration (life). After high school, he spent time farming in Hawaii where he learned to be one with the apes, swinging from tree to tree eating bananas all the live-long day. After he returned home to make mama proud, he rekindled his love for cooking which he had always quite enjoyed to do with his parents growing up. 

Jimi is thankful to have eaten such great food as a child, mostly Italian, Greek, French and Irish, though he has grown to adore African, Caribbean and Indian cuisine especially.

After gaining experience working in a restaurant, Jimi enrolled in Full Sail University’s Music Production program. He studied a full academic year until he was offered the opportunity to operate the Gangster Vegan food truck in Philadelphia. He is currently working towards getting the truck permitted and ready for the streets of Philadelphia.

Jimi stopped eating animals and their products after fully realising what he was doing every time he put an animal’s flesh into his mouth. “How can I wish for peace when I eat death for pleasure?” he thought. After seeing that everything is energy, Jimi never wanted a tortured, mutilated animal’s thoughts, feelings, or misery entering his temple, and he never wanted to take part in the most horrific practice in human history that’s widely accepted as normal. 

Jimi appreciates nature and the clarity it brings and considers himself a messenger of nature through food. He hope's that in time more people will do the right thing and boycott the meat, dairy and egg industry and become vegan.

Decibel Mbatika is an advocate for natural and holistic living. She is the creator of HiLIVEloveurLIFE where she blogs all things food and mother earth love and uses social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote her plant based food dishes and recipes, wellness news, information and tips.

Decibel was featured in Cook Vegetarian magazine where she won the 'star letter' recipe prize with her home made vegan pizza which is one of the recipes she will be contributing towards Cook 4 Books. As well as conjuring up plant based recipes, Decibel is also very passionate about Permaculture which is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient and is a regular volunteer of PermablitzLondon and the annual London Permaculture Festival.

Decibel's mindset of sustainability also branches off to her hand made fashion accessories under the sister name of HiliveLOVEurLIFESTYLE where she regularly sells bags, pouches and crocheted items made from upcycled material/fabric and more sustainably sourced/produced materials like hemp and organic cotton at various markets and events across London throughout the year.

After the birth of her son and experiencing digestion problems, Decibel cut out meat and notice a great difference and slowly over the space of 3 years cut out seafood and dairy products as well and feels so much better for it. Decibel prefers the term 'plant-based' eating to describe her approach to food as she finds that people are more open to the idea and believes that it's not about making big commitments and transitions, but about making the base of your meals plant based and simple when making changes to your eating habits.

Decibels ethos and mantra is to LIVEloveurLIFE and to liveLOVEurLIFESTYLE in all you do.

Whilst on a holiday in Bali in 2013, Steph had a few realisations. she had been living a very hedonistic lifestyle in Dubai, working as an air hostess, and totally neglecting her health. She had become sucked into consumerism, comparing herself to others, thinking of what she wanted not what she had and it was making her unhappy like never before.

Seeing the simple Bali life, how happy and carefree they were, living so minimally, really opened her eyes. At the time, she was reading a well known book called 'The Secret' and things started to fall into place.

Her mother, who she was traveling with was reading a book called 'Skinny B*tch' and she was reading aloud parts of the book that horrified her, uncovering the truth behind the meat and dairy industries. The cruelty, the health impact, the environmental factor and it suddenly all made sense. From that day Steph never ate meat again.

Dairy was a slower process. Learning about the vegan alternatives took time but once Steph found dairy free chocolate and cheese, she "good to go!!" She has never felt or looked better. Not just her skin but also her energy levels. She actually became so positive, full of love and grateful for everything. She felt so awakened.

Steph moved back to England shortly after the trip and set up a raw vegan market stall in London called RAWWWSOME. Within 4 months of being back in the UK she met the the love of her life, that she truly believes manifested on the Bali holiday. Together they now have a beautiful daughter who is 16 months who is thriving on a plant-based diet. Steph loves finding new foods that her daughter likes with green smoothies currently being her favourite. She still runs RAWWWSOME from home which she absolutely loves and even to this day still surprises herself with what great things can be made with raw foods, especially desserts, "I've got such a sweet tooth!"

Chef Excel Sharrieff is a vegan culinary force of epicurean proportion. He is one of Los Angele’s most sought-after and respected vegan personal chefs for his passion for the vegan lifestyle, delicious cuisine and friendly personality. 

Excel is an advocate for issues related to sustainability, animal welfare, safe food production systems and local organic gardeners.

Shan is a Banker by profession and by the weekend he puts on his chef hat creating some of his favourite vegan dishes. 

In recent years he has started "veganizing" the traditional recipes he had seen his mom prepare growing up. Shan grew up vegetarian but his vegan journey started with the exposure to the cruelties of animal farming and particularly learning more about the dairy industry and it's practice. 

Shan is an avid nature lover and loves hiking and taking long walks with his dogs. He is also an artist from the likes of traditional painting to digital art, photography and even dabbles some electronic, hip hop and house music production and DJ'ing. 

Shan also volunteers for his for various non profit organisations and loves spending time at the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland.   

Kristen Kelley is a fitness chick with a penchant for squats, perfect macros, yoga, and breakfast for dinner. She is a student of life who embarked on her vegan journey in 2012 with her husband and daughter, which set the stage for years of personal research in the fields of fitness and nutrition. 

Friends and family know who they can turn to with questions about healthy food and exercise. Nearly four thousand followers enjoy her Instagram page @mrskelley0308 for fitness tips, motivation, and meal ideas, and you can also find more of her recipes on her blog,

Jenny is passionate about health and nutrition as well as animal welfare. She became vegetarian in 2010 because she thought that if people needed to switch off and not think about where their food comes from in order to eat it then something isn’t right. 

She became more aware of veganism through Instagram and connecting with like-minded people and decided to go on a vegan challenge. Before that she had some digestive issues which completely stopped once she went on a plant-based diet. This was an added bonus she wasn't expecting and she's never felt better. 

When Jenny realised that the meat, dairy and egg industries were not only detrimental to human health but also cruel to animals, she found plenty of alternative sources for food that were all plant-based and packed with protein and nutrients. The transition was easy and she has never looked back. 

Jenny loves cooking and previously cooked for up to 25 people in the family business. She has recently set up her own plant based Instagram page to inspire others and be inspired. Jenny believes that food is medicine and if you eat right you’ll look and feel great. She also believes that everything is energy after reading popular metaphysics books and no longer wants consume animal’s pain and suffering.

Kaitlin is the mother of two incredibly spirited small children; two year old Gabriel Alexander and soon to be one year old Livi Amelia.  Since first learning she was pregnant with Gabriel, Kaitlin has been incessantly examining the healthiest ways to nourish little ones and ensure a healthy start for them.  Though her passion has always been linguistics, she recently decided to pursue a degree in Naturopathic medicine as well.  Adamant that her children receive the best possible nutrition and healthcare (and after being thoroughly disappointed with pharmaceutical driven allopathic medicine), Kaitlin has taken it upon herself to master the various holistic approaches.

Raised from birth with canine “siblings”, Kaitlin has always had a very strong connection with non-human animals.  At a young age, she began to feel that there was something very wrong about eating the beings that she so adored and admired.  After several years on and off vegetarianism (always discouraged by friends and family who thought she wasn’t receiving adequate nutrition), Kaitlin ultimately decided to become vegan.  Being a mother allowed her to realise the otherwise unimaginable suffering of dairy cattle.  After experiencing two “difficult” pregnancies with very little healing time in between, Kaitlin really began to empathise with the cows that are forcibly impregnated year after year in the name of milk production (i.e. profit).  Unable to fathom the suffering inflicted upon these beautiful creatures, Kaitlin became very passionate about veganism as well. 

Because of Kaitlin’s fascination with foreign languages and cultures, a deep love for all things edible, a relatively new obsession with nutrition, and a recent demand for creative “picky eater friendly” dishes, she’s been quite experimental in the kitchen over the past couple of years.  With no culinary training, the trial and error process began, and much to her surprise went quite well!  Although there were definitely more than a handful of failures, Kaitlin was very pleased to receive positive feedback from many happy dinner guests with suggestions such as “you should open up a restaurant” or “you need to write a cookbook”!  Though as of yet she’s only found the time to record a few of her original recipes (many of which she’s chosen to share by way of the ultra-popular social media platform, Instagram), there just may be an actual cookbook or two in the future.  For now though, her focus is still on providing the best possible childhood for her babies and cherishing her time with them.